I provide In -Person and virtual Birth and Postpartum services!  I would be honored to assist you in your needs for the best Start to parenting.

​As a Childbirth Educator: Classes in your home:

Private childbirth preparation classes: 6 hours over 2 nights:

We cover terminology, the process of labor and delivery, birth plan

options, comfort techniques, relaxation and positioning.

Cost:  $80.00. VIRTUAL CLASSES held in the comfort of your home:

$40.00 -class time to be arranged with your schedule.

Speciality Classes: I have been teaching many specialty classes for

hospitals for over 25 years: here are some choices:

Baby Care Basics, Breastfeeding, Preparation for Multiples, Baby Sleep Guidance techniques, and Comfort Skills for labor AND: Preparing to be a Grandparents!!     Each class is in your home and runs 3 hours. Cost: $30.00 

Virtual: $15.00

As a Birth Doula: I support your choices for your birth will provide 2 home visits prior to the birth, phone support, 1 postpartum visit and have back-up and co-doulas available for consistent support. I provide education, physical and emotional support. I have also been trained as a Virtual Doula, allowing you to have consistent support via technology!  Cost: $900.00

As a Postpartum Doula: My goal is to empower you while you manage your new lifestyle with help in the home, such as cooking, cleaning, errands, education, rest, and understanding baby cues. I am available for postpartum support  in San Diego from Jan. 2-Feb. 28th, 2021 Cost: $35.00 an hour

Birth Doula training and childbirth preparation