Become A Birth Doula:    

A beautiful New Day is happening in your life!

offer Private, (in your home) classes for  parents to be, in Coeur d'Alene, Hayden, and surrounding cities in North Idaho, and also in Spokane, WA. Virtual classes are an option via Zoom.

 Please Click on the link for Birth Doula Training and Childbirth Classes, offerings or contact me!

I am available for mentoring during your journey in the field.

My Services include in home childbirth and parenting classes with specialized education for new parents to be, (and 'Refresher' classes for second time birthing) as well as breastfeeding help. Additional classes for  parenting tips and more! 

 I am once again training and mentoring new doulas as they enter this fun and satisfying profession. Please click on the link for Birth Doula Training!

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