What an honor it is to prepare and educate new parents on their exciting new role to come. I have been a Certified Childbirth Educator since 1994 and it has been one of the most satisfying careers that I have engaged in. I have taught at four major hospitals in San Diego, CA and have been training others towards this goal over the last 10 years, through the International Childbirth Education Association. (ICEA.org). Becoming an educator takes time, but it is worth it and can be a great addition to those who love pregnancy, growing families and would like some extra income! To become an educator, please go to ICEA.org and find a workshop-many workshops are virtual, so they can be taken on line from any city. My workshop is 16 hours long, virtual, and is one of the steps towards certification. In the class, you will learn HOW to teach classes, and I can help mentor you through the many steps and processes to that end goal! Just like pushing a baby out!  Please read the next page: Childbirth Educator Training Details. To register for a workshop, please go to the Details and Registration page and fill in the boxes with the Information OR send me an EMAIL to doulastace@gmail.com 

I require your full name, address and contact information, and a small paragraph on WHY you would like to be a Childbirth Educator.