• Testamonials:"I am writing to express my gratitude for Stacey and her wonderful Birth Doula Training Workshop I attended in Costa Mesa In July. She was such an inspiring teacher, full of knowledge,energy and passion for what it means to be a doula! She kept things fun and interesting the entire weekend, answered our many questions with patience and grace, and has continued to be available as a resource. I can't  imagine a better instructor and I am so grateful her class was recommended to me! Sincerely, Tina Schroeder"

"Dear Stacey, thank you for the wonderful training. I am inspired to see how you continue to grow and expand in all of the areas that you contribute to women, babies, and families in San Diego and beyond. It pushed me forward. Thank you!"-Jewel Hernandez-originally trained many years ago who re-took my workshop for current certification needs. Now lives in AZ.

"She has the most inviting energy. I couldn't of had a better experience. I am blessed to have this wonderful information . I would and will recommend her to others who have the passion to be a doula"- participant from training in Redlands, CA

"Absolutely hands down best  education class for doulas! the reviews are correct! Thanks Stacey", Tiffany, Orange County

​"She was organized, fantastic, friendly, professional and encouraged an excitement for all things doula"- a participant from San Diego, CA May, 2016

"Stacey was wonderful! She has ignited an excitement in me to continue in this doula journey"

"Stacey, your characteristics of knowledge, experience, coupled with your open-ness, displays such a humility that grounds me given your years of accomplishment." -2 participants from San Diego, Nov. 2017

Birth Doula Workshop and Introduction to Childbirth class:  $475.00 for all 3 days 
 Birth Doula Workshop only:  $400.00  (weekend portion)

Introduction to Childbirth workshop only: $100.00

Breastfeeding class for doulas (only available when listed on the site): $35.00

Late fee (ie: signing up week of class:) $500.00

Speciality classes: fees will be specified on site.

   A $150.00 non-refundable deposit is due WITH registration, paid online via Paypal, or by sending me a check in the mail, at time of registration. If you need to change dates, you may transfer toward a future workshop within 1 year of previously booked training. 

Optional Payment by mail:  made out to Stacey Scarborough:  Mail to: 5935 Highgate Ct., La Mesa, CA 91942.

   The remainder of the fee can be paid at the training, paid by a check or cash, or mailed or Paypal.


DONA, International Approved Birth Doula  Workshops  
    The birth doula is that constant, comforting, reassuring presence in the labor room, birth center or home. Becoming a doula is a passion among many women who are called to this field. Many of you have probably already been at a birth-for your friends or a family member. Becoming professionally educated as doula can take your passion to the next level and allows you to call yourself  a “Trained Birth Doula”. 
   The training to become a birth doula runs 3 full days and fully prepares you for the work as a doula.  Each day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends between  5:45-6:00 p.m.

Day 1: Introduction to Childbirth is required if you are not currently a certified childbirth educator or RN with labor and delivery background.

This one day class covers all the terminology, differing styles for birth, process of labor and delivery, medical interventions and cesarean birth as well as breathing techniques. It is a requirement if you decide to become certified through DONA.

Day 2 and 3:Birth Doula Training Workshop ​prepares you for the physical, emotional, and educational support role of the doula. It is an inter-active workshop that provides all the information you seek, as well as practicing hands-on techniques, positions for optimal fetal positioning, group discussion and participation. Among the topics are:

​ * Evidence- based research and benefits of labor support professionals 
 * The  role of  the birth doula, including Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics
 * Prenatal meetings and contact between doula and client 
 * Business information: contracts, marketing, networking 
 * Comfort techniques and hands on demonstration/ Positions for labor progress    
 * Boundaries and challenges
 * DONA International information and the Certification process 

AND so much more!

Requirements to attend the training: Compassion, empathy, passion for new life, stamina, creativity, flexibility, endurance, and support from your family

 Reading Requirements:
    “Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn” by Penny Simkin 
          “The Birth Partner” by Penny Simkin  
 (Purchase the most recent addition. I recommend purchasing the actual books) 
        The reading should be started before the workshop begins.

Excited about starting your path as a doula? go to dona.org and search:  "9 tips to get the most out of your doula workshop."

Training (Workshop) Dates     and Locations: 

Birth Doula Workshops:  

Note: all dates include the required prerequisite "Introduction to Childbirth" class on the Friday prior to the workshop. 


California classes:

San Diego:​ 

Sept. 29, 30

Intro offered Sept. 28

San Diego -(centrally located): Friday class held at Best Start Birth Center and weekend class held near Sharp Mary Birch Hospital

Orange County:

August 4, 5

Intro class offered Aug. 3

​Granola Babies Annex, Costa Mesa

Nov. 3, 4

Intro class offered Nov. 2

Integrated Birth, Huntington Beach

​February 2019: San Diego,            Date to be determined.

Washingtion State:

Spokane, Washington
July 28, 29, 2018
Intro offered July 27
New Moon Wellness

SPECIAL CONTINUING EDUCATION Classes: Enhancing the circle of care: Advanced classes taken after your doula workshop:

 Solana Beach-More information to come!

Would you like me to come to your location? I offer discounts to hostesses!


More about the workshop and beyond:

 Once you complete the workshop, you will be a "Trained Birth Doula".  
      A doula in  training must complete the full workshop before any births she has attended can be used towards the certification process.    
​   The details of certification requirements are fully discussed in class. 
          Please Do NOT order your certification packet until you complete the  workshop, however, you are welcome to join DONA, Int. and read about certification prior to the class.
 Bring  ONLY "The Birth Partner" to class with you.

Referrals to local doula organizations and how to get started will be covered. With my many years in the birth field, I have contacts everywhere I go, and I am what you call  a "Connector"-I often connect you with your first clients, other doulas, resources, etc.

Why DONA,International? DONA is the premier doula training and support organization, recognized in the US and Internationally, and is the standard of all other trainings. Train with the best known!

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Birth Doula Training Workshops