"It's a wonderful thing when a career and a passion come together!"

‚ÄčI have been in the childbirth field since 1993. The training to become  a childbirth educator back in the '90's was an 18 month process that lead me deeper and deeper into the field of childbirth, doulas, and lactation, and inspired me to help others become trained in the field also.  I am certified as a Professional Childbirth Educator through the International Childbirth Education Association and then became trained as a Birth Doula through DONA, International.  Adding on to my professionalism was important to me, so I became trained as a Certified Lactation Educator through UCSD School of Extended Studies and then became a Birth Doula Trainer for  DONA, Int. and a Teacher Trainer for childbirth education through ICEA.

I continue to grow, learn and share my passion for this process through out San Diego,  Southern California

and beyond.

My mentors and co-trainers: Ana Paula Markel and the amazing Penny Simkin, one of the founders of DONA,Int. and Birth Doula Teacher Trainer.

About Stacey

Doula services and  Childbirth Education

Birth and Postpartum care to parents.

Postpartum Doula fee is $30 an hour: mainly daytime care. As a PP doula and a grandma myself, I help you to learn about your baby's cues, behaviors and offer encouragement, rest and home care while you navigate these first few weeks. I guide in a non-bias way, not giving opinions, but allowing you to learn how to best love and care for your newborn. I offer light house cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc.

 Birth services is $900 and this includes a co-doula to work with me. I can guide you with birth preferences, empowerment and togetherness as new parents, and work with you to achieve the birth you desire.  I especially love to help women during their second births and beyond.

Childbirth Education: Private classes in your home at $25.00 an hour. I am also an educator for Sharp and Scripps hospitals

My husband and I attended wonderful childbirth classes that made a difference in how my birth went as well as cementing our foundation as parents and partners. We have 3 amazing children, and now a grand-daughter! We are dog lovers, love to travel, exercise (I love yoga and Zumba!), enjoy water sports, and being active. I am passionate about birth education and preparation! 

Please take a look at my video about helping babies get to sleep.  Enjoy!

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